Since 1988, Royal Communications International has been supplying communications equipment designed for the military, professional, and amateur market. We specialize in the sales and service of Barrett High Frequency, Single Sideband transceivers that are dependable and easy to use. We also support and repair Micom HF/SSB equipment.

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Barrett 4050 HF SSB SDR

Barrett Communications has developed a new HF Software-Defined Radio (SDR) transceiver, the Barrett 4050 HF SDR, which incorporates a new generation of technology. It provides secure digital voice, email and data transfer, has an intuitive touchscreen operator interface and can be controlled and operated from anywhere with internet access.

Pactor P4 Dragon Modem

The high speed protocol PACTOR-4 (P4), is THE HF-Data protocol of the 4th generation, using the most modern methods of adaptive channel equalization, channel coding and source compression.

The resulting highly adaptive ARQ mode adjusts itself almost perfectly to the varying conditions of the short-wave channel. Due to the narrowly synchronized ARQ grid (like with PACTOR-3, but with more speed levels and a better switching algorithm), it rapidly adapts to changes in channel conditions.

Palstar HF-Auto antenna tuner

Auto-tuners have been around for years, but most of them use clacking relays and lumped components so that the match is always just a little bit off.

Palstar reinvented the auto-tuner with continuously variable components for a perfect match every time, and capped it off with a power rating of 5 Watts to 1800 watts.