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Micom Vocoder

Vocoder Model: FRN8525, Modem Model: FRN8526,
 Vocoder/Modem Model: FRN8527

The Micom Vocoder  provides the most reliable solution for voice, data, and E-mail gateway communications over HF.  It is designed to solve the traditional voice quality problem of radio communication associated with HF-SSB links.  The  Vocoder converts voice communications to a digital format, thus reducing background noises and providing AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) algorithm.  The embedded modem includes E-mail gateway software guaranteeing a seamless end-to-end data transfer over HF-SSB. It also allows HF users to send E-mail through the internet in a transparent manner.
  • Voice is always crystal clear
  • Fast and simple operation
  • Built-in scalability (Easily upgradeable)
  • AES Encryption available
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Micom Link

Part #: FDN6123

The Micom-LINK system extends effective operational range of Fm-Radio via HF/SSB.  Acting as a repeater, Micom Link converts UHF/VHF FM signals to HF/SSB therefore extending the normal Fm-Range of several miles to several thousand miles using an HF link.
  • FM Network Range Extension via HF/SSB Radio
  • Mobile and Fixed Installation
  • Local Monitoring with Operator Override Capability
  • Reliable Voice Activation Using Patented Voice Recognition Squelch
  • Compatible with Motorola FM and HF/SSB Radios
  • Audible Retransmission Indication
  • Protected Against FM Network Lockup
  • MIL-STD-810E


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Micom Tel 

Part #: FLN2824A

The Micom-Tel automatic telephone interconnect via PABX/PSTN for use in ALE mode will enhances long distance communications via HF link or land line to any remote HF site. It offers the capability to connect the Micom-Radio to telephone PABX networks. Using a Micom-Radio, any remote HF station (fixed and/or mobile) can be easily interconnected to a land line or mobile/cellular telephone.

  • Use of Alias for alpha numeric radio address
  • Built-In Test with diagnostic information
  • Remote radio activation from the telephone
  • Remote station selective calling from telephone pad
  • Telephone subscriber to telephone subscriber  calling
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Micom Power Supply

Part # FPN5590

The Micom FPN5590 automatic switching power supply is designed for use with Micom Series HF/SSB radios. Operating on 110/220 VAC, 50/60 Hz, it provides 13.8 VDC output for radio operation, and 12 VDC output for charging of an external backup battery.
  • Light Weight, Compact Unit
  • Automatically Selectable Power Source
  • Over-current and Faulty Voltage Protection
  • Automatic Battery Charging
  • High and Low Voltage Options
  • Advanced Noise Filtering and Shielding
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 Updated:12 Nov 2009


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